Tether Now

Connecting you to the world

Get the internet anywhere you have cellphone service

Tether Now will let you use your phones internet connection to connect your computer to the internet. It's that simple. You get a highspeed connection anywhere you are. Without paying that dreaded extra fee from your mobile carrier.

Tether your phone easier than ever.

As long as there is a signal on your phone you will be able to use your phone to connect your PC to the internet.

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Customer Reviews

This is one of the best apps that I have ever used. Easy and simple user interface

Johnny Mathis

Saved a ton of money with this app. I don't have to pay a tethering fee with my phone company. All I needed was my regular data plan. I love this software.

Kathy Mclane

Great for if you are not at home. I am a business person and I travel a lot and this has helped me tremendously. Thanks Tether Now!!!

Patrick Anderson

Main Features

  • One click connection

    Press one button and you are connected to the internet.

  • Coming Soon

    We are porting this app to work with Max OS and Linux also so be on the lookout

  • Fast Connection

    You can actually watch videos,download songs and browse at blazing fast speeds unlike other tethering apps

  • Download Software

    Click below to download the software that is required for your computer

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